Laundry Organization Tips

Happy Sunday and let’s welcome a new week to our quarantine calendar. Like me, some of you have been home now for close to two months. This time at home as made me take a good long look at my systems at home, what’s working and what needs improving! My two biggest nemesis are DISHES 🙄 and LAUNDRY. So today I thought I would share with you some simple tips that help me stay (somewhat) organized with laundry.

1- Commit yourself to a start to finish job on a single day. When I get side tracked or loose focus I end up with one stinky load that sits wet in the washer for three days. Barf. Choose a day and get ‘er done.

2- Use one basket for clean laundry per person. Four people means four baskets. Sort the clean laundry as it finishes by person. We use a single bin for all our dirty laundry so I know how much we have but it makes for a lot of sorting after it’s clean. I sort everyone’s laundry until the laundry is done and then I put the basket in each persons room and put it away when I get the time.

3- Make sure you enjoy the space. No one likes chores so the more you can enjoy the experience the better. Choose colors that reduce stress and if you can make sure you have a window that allows natural light or change your light bulbs to a softer, clearer color rather than the traditional warm bulbs that can be quite yellow.

4- My laundry room is also a garage entrance. I minimize what I have in this room so things don’t get hodge podged. Nothing on the floor and I try to keep the top of the washer and dryer free of clutter, pocket contents and any other random items my family likes to set down here when they come or go.

5- Do your laundry at least once per week. Bed sheets, towels, underwear all need refreshing! Having these items clean and ready to use can really uplift your spirits and increase your quality of life in the most basic way

– Chantel