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The journey to bring Océanne to life started 10 years ago in the spare bedroom of my house, spending late nights crafting vintage-inspired jewelry for local craft shows, flea markets, and cherished friends & family. While my move across the ocean inspired the name Océanne, it was the vastness of that distance from anything familiar that led me to start handcrafting jewelry. As more and more people were introduced to my creations, I began to hear stories from customers about the magical ways in which Océanne jewelry helped them celebrate occasions, gave them confidence, and became a constant physical reminder of a joyous memory in their lives. These stories empowered me to keep creating and grow the brand to where it is today.

Océanne is now the evocative, beautiful, modern jewelry & apparel brand I’d always dreamed it could be. We’ve created an incredible team of talented women-makers and grown a vibrant community around our brick-and-mortar studio.

It is my hope that, as it has with mine, Océanne helps you celebrate the big and small moments of your life and reflects your story with each piece you wear or share.

Thank you for supporting Océanne and being part of our story.

(Best Wishes)

Anne Harrill
Founder, Océanne

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